You say you want an evolution?

Big data, eDiscovery, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, AI. 

As sophisticated as our business world is, it’s no wonder people can get lost within the chaotic sea of buzzwords that it created.  If you’re like most organizations, you might be asking yourself; what do these things do, how do they work, do I really need them, and most importantly, can they actually help my business succeed?

While the eDiscovery industry fuels its existence charging law firms and corporations astronomical costs to find data inside and outside of their organizations, the broader business intelligence world harnesses intel across multiple departments internally within an organization to drive better decision making.

While both legacy approaches provide value, neither discipline addresses the charging elephant in the room – how to proactively access, understand and control critical legal, privacy and business risks before they wreak havoc within your organization.

That’s where Clarify Software’s Acuity Risk Mitigation Software is revolutionizing the industry.

Recognizing a glaring opportunity gap in the marketplace for an in-house, agnostic software solution, over a 3-year span, the Swiss software scientists at Clarify Software designed, engineered and tested its unrivaled Acuity Software Engine to enable organizations to proactively control critical legal, privacy and business risks before they occur.

Precision engineered to integrate easily with most enterprise networks and data systems within a client’s internal environment, Acuity empowers users to quickly identify, discern and transform mission-critical data into Knowledge on Demand™ to mitigate potential legal exposure, risks and runaway costs. 

Licensed as independent or combined modules, Acuity’s “Find” and “Hold” Risk Mitigation Software bridges the gap between traditional eDiscovery as a pure cost center and business intelligence as a potential major source of unrealized profits.  



Application agnostic workflow tool that maps, counts and tracks internal enterprise data back and forth between 3rd party processing and review platforms



Data agnostic preservation tool that intelligently identifies, indexes, searches, holds, tracks and releases critical information where it lives


Companies and their inside counsel typically bear the burden, risks and costs of identifying, preserving, collecting, processing, reviewing, producing and presenting critical business information for stakeholders.  Rather than trust outside counsel or ill-informed 3rd party providers to provide these expensive services, corporations can now perform these functions internally on a more cost-effective basis to maximize their return on investment.  

Regardless of department or title, corporations can benefit from utilizing our Acuity Find and Acuity Hold Risk Mitigation Software to proactively control critical legal, privacy and business risks before they occur. 

Identify, preserve, collect, process, review, produce and present critical knowledge to mitigate potential legal business risks organization wide and with stakeholders

Preserve pertinent, detailed HR data effectively to better prepare for potential HR issues that may escalate as employees engage within an organization

Identify, preserve, track, collaborate, manage, control and secure data via real-time reporting on-premise, SaaS or private cloud environments

Optimize and control GRC practices, processed and costs across multiple internal and external constituents behind a company’s firewall to ensure compliance

Manage and control chain of custody, data tracking, tagging and auto-flagging via real-time reporting to optimize workflows, costs and cross-matter management

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Whether a litigating attorney, paralegal or practice support practitioner, law firms and their clients can benefit from utilizing our Acuity Find and Acuity Hold Risk Mitigation Software to proactively control critical legal, privacy and business risks before they happen.  Acuity is easy to use, freeing up valuable time for attorneys to focus on practicing law vs. practicing software.  Legal teams can quickly and easily track and measure data activities within and across all matters, including those hosted in third party platforms (like Relativity).

Law firms can use Acuity to manage the mountains of data they create for themselves and their clients, rest assured that all data, matter workstreams and user activities are captured, tracked, secure, and accessible 24/7 in a single system, while securely providing access to outside counsel where applicable.  With Acuity, law firms can access, manage and control data within its original source locations behind client’s firewalls, on-demand via the click of a button to provide them with the knowledge on demand they need to optimize legal matters.


Clarify Software’s Channel Partner program provides consultants and licensed resellers with a lucrative opportunity to provide value-added solutions to their clients.  Leveraging the power of our Acuity Risk Mitigation Software engine, Channel Partners can sub-license Clarify Software’s software technology to provide directly to end-clients to be deployed behind their own firewalls.

Clarify Software will train and support qualified Channel Partners throughout the sales and software installation process.  Depending on specific Channel Partner needs, Clarify Software can provide first level support after software deployment at an end-client site, or remain in a second level support posture by standing behind and beside its reseller partner.

To learn more about Clarify Software’s Channel, feel free to contact us via the quick form below.  One of our software specialists will connect with you shortly to provide additional details and discuss the possibilities together.

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